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For most of the people idea of eating a squirrel may be new. But imagine yourself in a situation where the squirrel is the only way to survive. Anyhow, the squirrel meat will definitely be included in the daily meal due to their delicious and yummy taste.  You may also find them on the menu in the south and the united state; there are many people who love to eat them by their choice. 

Which kind of squirrel is safe to eat? 
The gray squirrel is found to be one of the most hunted animals in the united state. You may found them in local parts, along with the side, eating nuts or maybe annoying your cats in the garden.  The gray squirrel is available in large quantities; eating them can help to balance their population. But if eating a squirrel is never easy, they are difficult to catch because of their sharpness and speed, and you need a lot of patients to catch them. 

Is squirrel meat is sweeter than rabbit meat? 
It is better to eat a squirrel than to eat a wild rabbit, as compare to them squirrel meat is more lean and delicious. But most of the people who have tasted the squirrel meat say somehow it tastes like a wild rabbit, but it is slightly sweeter than the rabbit meat. This difference can be due to eating nuts all day. Anyhow, you may feel the taste of squirrel between the chicken and rabbit meat, but more delicious than both of them. 

Squirrel recipe
The most popular method of cooking a squirrel is cooking it slowly. The squirrel meat is hard, so it will take time to get softer. Cook the squirrel on low heat for 5-6 hours. Some people want to eat it cooked while others want to eat fried. It contains enough meat alongside as compare to legs.  There are varieties of ways to cook the squirrel, you can simply fry it and eat along with sauces, or you can cook it like chicken, but of course, it will take more time as compared to chicken. Some people also like to prepare to strew and another barbeque it. 

Which is the best time to eat squirrel? 
In the summer, they like to eat a lizard, small insects that mean they contain enough bacteria, so it is better to eat the squirrel in the winter. The cold weather did not allow them to eat them because most of them hibernate in the cold. 

Benefits of eating squirrel
You may be wonder after knowing the squirrel benefits. They contain more protein as compare to chicken or red meat. Eating squirrels can be a good source to get B6, iron, and B12. But we recommend to the people who have heart issues because they contain high-cholesterol that can be dangerous for their health. 

Is it safe to eat squirrel?
Yes, you can absolutely eat squirrel, you may also find them in restaurants too. But eat the squirrel in the winter to get more benefits. 

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