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Call us now at (219) 228-4381 for a price quote over the phone. We don't publish exact prices online, because prices vary based on several variables, such as the type and number of animals, the type of property or building, location, etc. If you call us and describe your situation, we can tell you a price over the phone. But here are some general examples. Don't hold us to these exact numbers!

SMALL JOB: This could be a single-trip job, such as the removal of a snake from the yard, or a squirrel in the fireplace, or a dead animal under the house. This type of job might be in the range of $150-$299

MEDIUM JOB: This could be a 2-3 service trip job, such as putting down traps to remove and relocate nuisance raccoons, or setting rat traps in the attic and performing simpler home repairs. This type of job might be in the range of $300-$599

BIG JOB: This could be a job such as the removal of a colony of bats in a building, or a female raccoon and her babies in an attic, along with large building repairs and attic cleanup, etc. This type of job might be in the range of $600 on up

Remember, call us at (219) 228-4381 for a price quote over the phone. Or visit our Hammond wildlife trapping home page to learn more about us.

Critter control and our wildlife service have years of experience of bringing quality service to residential and commercial areas in our city. Wildlife control, animal removal, damage repairs, animal prevention, and insulation replacement are what our professional specializes. As research shows, urban areas provide excellent habitats for wild animals like raccoons and mice. Most of the pests are nocturnal and often scavenged in the night. When they find a way inside your property, they will instantly become a nuisance that will cause damage to your property and the possibility of getting diseases is high when they're not dealt with immediately. Our philosophy in the business results in the most effective and safe solutions while achieving long term strategies for sustainable control. A wildlife problem in your property can cause serious problems other than just keeping you awake at night. Rodents like mice, squirrels, and raccoons will often chew on electrical wires and leave feces or urine that will lead to the deterioration of your home. Your health is also at risk when these wild animals are present inside your property. If you suspect that you have an animal that is leaving inside your property, you should call us quickly for a free inspection. The sooner that they're dealt with, the lesser damage that they will cause!